All Secure Home Watch Services

An unoccupied home is a vulnerable home


All Secure Home Watch is a dedicated service to look after your property while you are away and let you feel at ease. There are many homes in Southwest Florida that are used seasonally and left vacant for weeks or even months at a time.  With that said unexpected issues can occur. Prevent major leaks or water damage in your home. Prevent intruders by having a weekly presence at your house. Powerful thunderstorms are a common occurrence that can leave tripped breakers in your home leaving A/C units or other appliances without power for weeks.  Nobody wants to deal with just some of these issues when you arrive.

All Secure Home Watch will perform weekly visual inspections of your property inside and out.   You can be confident your home will be well looked after in your absence.


All Secure Home Watch uses software that was created specifically for the home watch service.  You will receive a detailed report of every visit as soon as it’s complete.  If we find any concerning issues during the visit you will be immediately notified and will include pictures documenting the issue.


Complete visual inspection of exterior of home

  • Check for any signs of burglary, attempted burglary or vandalism
  • Check for any signs of storm damage
  • Visually inspect pool and pool cage if applicable
  • Walk around and visually inspect boat if applicable
  • Monitor Pool and Landscape Companies
  • Check for signs of mold and mildew on the exterior of the house

Please note that home watch services are visual inspections, and only damages that can be seen by the eye can accurately be reported.

Every inspection will be custom tailored for individual needs.

Complete visual inspection of interior of home

  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and tightly secured
  • Check for water damage including signs of mold/mildew
  • Check for signs of insects or rodents
  • Check that A/C is functioning properly
  • Run water in sinks, tubs, and showers
  • Flush and brush toilets
  • Turn on and off main water valve
  • Check refrigerator and or freezer
  • Check A/C is working properly
  • Check circuit breaker panels

Additional Services

  • Car Drive

While on site we will drive or start your car. Doing so will  lubricate the inner seals and gaskets. Running the vehicle charges the battery to help avoid the battery from going dead from sitting.


  • Trash Barrel Service

We will roll out the trash and recycle bins to the street. when emptied we will return them to their storage locations. 


  • Concierge Services

We will do your grocery shopping for you. You will arrive to find your specific requested groceries and Household Items in your home.

Put your patio furniture inside

Change Air Filters in A/C unit

Change batteries in smoke/Co alarms

Close Up after your departure / Open Up prior to your arrival


  • Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

We will pressure or soft wash pool decking, pool lanai cages, driveways, walkways, houses, roofs, and more.


  • Cleaning Services

Coming Soon